Our Team

Paula Stewart, CEO

Paula’s clients know her as someone who very quickly gains a deep understanding of their business processes. Paula has successfully utilized value-stream mapping and other business process reengineering techniques to improve relationships between business groups or between business groups and IT while improving processes. Paula’s first Agile initiative was building a data warehouse as a data architect and engineer in the late 1990s. She has embraced the Agile mindset in her roles as product owner, scrum master and Agile trainer. Doctors, nurses, purchasing directors, lawyers and product managers have noted her ability to understand their world and to provide enabling capabilities.

By working closely and iteratively with key business users, Paula has had customers thank her for “being their lifeboat in a project” or for “changing their work and making it fun”. Paula is passionate about uncovering constraints that stop organizations and providing value-add through Agile coaching, facilitation, training, data and information. She understands organizational readiness and culture and is committed to creating cultures that promote collaboration in reaching strategic goals while reducing waste. Paula brings her background in Agile, data, IT portfolio, and product management to transform organizations.

Donna Wells, Transformation Coach/Talent Acquisition

Donna has worked as a Talent Acquisition Consultant serving her clients for 20 years with a commitment to the expansion and development of their business; she has identified talent that caused them to thrive.

Donna has dedicated her life to the work of transformation. Her leadership and coaching has been instrumental in transforming businesses in several industries, as well as families and communities for over 20 years. She has been a coach to over 100 transformation leaders throughout the Midwestern United States.

Donna is a skilled professional who goes through great lengths to qualify candidates. She asks thorough, probing questions to make sure there is a good long-term fit between individual and employer. She understands not only the business aspect of making the right decision but works tirelessly to match the cultural fit as well. She is a great pleasure to work with and would recommend her to employers and prospects alike! Dave Ringquist/Sales Manager, Central Region/Rand Worldwide-Technology Solutions for Engineering 


Nick Stankus, Business Intelligence Engineer

Nick is a business intelligence engineer whose talents are in leading engineers, quantitative and predictive analytics, data visualizations, and human-centered design.

Nick is passionate about creating data products that can provide actionable insights for business agility. He combines his mastery of quantitative analytics with human-centered design to create impact. He loves both leading and being a part of Agile teams.

Rich Stewart, COO

Rich is passionate about working with organizations to help their competitive advantage by leveraging business agility at all levels of the organization from the C-suite to individual teams. He has over ten years of experience building and maturing Agile teams, across the entire spectrum of Agile adoption, both within and outside of product development. His approach to an Agile transformation is to treat it as a significant organizational change, hence he coaches executives on the importance of regular communications to address the impact of the changes and to be sensitive to the inevitable “how does this impact me?” questions that affected employees are always wondering, if not asking.

Rich loves creating web-based games to help organizations and teams reinforce concepts including mindsets, Scrum values, and Scrum roles. He has used these games in Agile training sessions, team retrospectives, and in coaching sessions with leaders.

In addition to his role as COO of Sevawise, Rich is the Global Head of Business Agility Solutions at IHS Markit.