Our Competitive Differentiator


Our participation in learning ecosystems with international coaches and leaders continues to provide the latest in advances in transformational coaching, business agility, and organizational performance. 

Our combination of Lean, Theory of Constraints, and Agile allows us to coach you in quickly identifying and resolving systemic issues that cause inefficiency.

Our experience in data processing and business intelligence provides ways to automate the key product delivery metrics your need.

Paula Stewart, CEO

XSCALE coach, trainer, Transformation coach

Paula saw a pattern of gaps in Agile transformations that had a human cost to teams, organizations, and customers. Her search to make a difference is why she is a contributing member of some of the leading learning ecosystems in these areas constantly sharing experiences and ideas:

  1. Transformational Coaching
  2. Organizational Performance
  3. Business Agility

It also led her to partner with Donna Wells, an extremely talented transformational coach, and seminar leader, and participate in a transformational coaching community. She has a desire to empower other Agile coaches and leaders.

Paula has successfully utilized value-stream mapping and flow mapping models to improve relationships between business groups or between business groups and IT while eliminating waste in processes. She embraces pattern-based systems thinking and empirical process control in her roles as a product owner, scrum master, and Agile coach. Doctors, nurses, purchasing directors, lawyers, product managers, and sales teams have noted that Paula understands their world and provides enabling capabilities. Her solutions have been deployed to multiple lines of business, positively impacting patient safety. She has had the experience of "Badass: Making Users Awesome" and wants to empower teams to have that same experience.

By working closely and iteratively with key business users, Paula has had customers, lead architects, engineers, and leadership thank her for "being their lifeboat in a project" or "changing their work and making it fun." Paula is passionate about uncovering constraints that stop organizations and create waste. Her background in both business and in most IT roles gives her a holistic perspective and ability to empathize with engineers, customers, and business owners. Paula is a business agility coach committed to recreating teams' success to delight customers, work at a sustainable pace, and where deciders and doers are in regular, open communication with each other. Paula knows that the path forward will provide the opportunity for a new normal in which there is a balance in values and more of a long-term investment in employees and organizations.

Donna Wells

Transformation Coach/Talent Acquisition/Sales Director

Donna has dedicated her life to the work of transformation. Donna has led hundreds of transformational seminars with 75-100 participants. Her leadership and coaching have been instrumental in transforming businesses in several industries, as well as families and communities for over 20 years. She has been a coach to over 100 transformational leaders throughout the Midwestern United States.

Donna has worked as a Talent Acquisition Consultant serving her clients for 20 years with a commitment to the expansion and development of their business; she has identified talent that caused them to thrive.

Under Donna's leadership, a community of assisted living centers increased their resident population from 75% to 90.1%, improved meal nutrition, and instituted a rewarding program for their residents. She did this by utilizing her transformational coaching to create community. Before she started, each center had its own team that competed against each other.  


Rich Stewart


Rich is an Agile coach with a passion for helping organizations take a breadth-first approach to business agility.

Rich loves creating free web-based games to help organizations and teams reinforce concepts including mindsets, Scrum values, and Scrum roles. He has used these games in Agile training sessions, team retrospectives, and in coaching sessions with leaders. See our Games & Tools page for more details.

Rich is Senior Manager & Agile Coach at CapTech Consulting.