Scale-up Quick Start

We have worked with CEOs, CFOs, and CMOs to scale up their organizations while keeping the dynamic energy and entrepreneurial spirit with which they started. Not all startups or companies rapidly scaling up make this transition successfully.

Our Quick Start approach begins with discovery that brings your team together and ends with concrete direction to move forward. 

This discovery is multi-dimensional and efficient, based on core patterns and includes: people, strategy, structures, processes, and technologies.

We include transformational coaching every step of the way and business intelligence to track progress and Identify bottlenecks.

We work with startups on branding and digital marketing strategies as part of our quick start. Finally, our business development expert provides tips on building relationships and connecting with your customers.

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Business Agility Consulting

Organizations, leaders, and employees have the talent, the knowledge, and acumen and yet something has stopped them from reaching their goals. We uncover the root cause(s) to determine the right solutions for your organization. Our approach is based on understanding what is blocking your organization first instead of jumping in and layering new goals and solutions on top of your current operations. 

We start with a discovery approach that brings people together utilizing decades of experience in transformational coaching and systems-thinking facilitation.

We provide a gap analysis comparing the core capabilities for business agility to your organization's unique journey. 

We weave in transformation and business intelligence as we establish lightweight processes, and structures to make you successful in our VUCA world.

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Digital Transformation Consulting

Legacy organizations are often dealing with monolithic architectures that result in ever-increasing technical debt, stifled innovation, and team turnover. More and more of an organization's technology budget goes to just keeping the lights on.

There are capabilities all successful modern software engineering shops have and types of talent that make the difference. We work with you to implement the frameworks and acquire the talent through an approach that includes transformational coaching every step of the way.

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Transformational Coaching

As with other types of coaching, we start with a vision of the desired outcomes. We provide both individual, team, and organizational transformational coaching. We start with discovering current values, mission, pain points, and what matters the most to you. We listen to uncover in conversation what is impacting decisions and behaviors. This approach brings profound shifts in mindsets and perspectives.

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Business Intelligence Consulting

Our team has experience working with startups, clinical research, and public health to integrate data analysis and feedback into the design of products, services, and delivery flows.  We have experience in taking raw data, finding patterns, and creating mathematical models for actionable insights. We couple this with experience in delivering self-serve business intelligence solutions with data visualization to provide actionable insights. Our solutions have improved products, value stream flows, patient safety and outcomes.

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